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Well, this has been a long time coming! After a bit of extended leave from my blog, I woke up today and knew it was the right time to kick start it again. My life has completely changed over the past few months so I thought it wise to take time out in writing personal posts to really be secure in how I feel and what point I want to put across when I started again (if I'd written this in December or January it could've turned into an all out poison letter, don't ever blog after a break-up haha).

Fast forward to now and it feels great to catch up with a friend & when they ask their usual 'How've you been?', its great to genuinely gush back 'I've been really good :D' and mean it. A break up can seem like the most soul destroying moment in your life, especially when a great deal has been invested & shared, it can change your whole life from friends, to living arrangements, to finances... it's terrifying and when broken down so much worse than losing that person (because lets face it, anyone to let you go isn't really worth getting upset over).

But it's about how you pick yourself up, dust yourself off & get to know who you really are and what you want out of life now the world is yours for the taking. My best friends seem to really commend me for making a bang of a comeback bigger than Kim K after her sex tape. Here's a few things that kept me sane & got me back to my sassy self in 2016.

Friends Friends Friends
Of course this is such an obvious way to kick this list off but I cannot stress enough how much I've appreciated my friends this year. I'm stubborn as hell and downright refuse to ask for peoples help but when it came to light I needed stuff moved out my old flat to my new place my friends with cars rallied around to help & I cannot thank them enough. It's ok to ask for help sometimes and show vulnerability, it's definitely softened me a bit. I spent alot of the past few years myself due to being in an unhappy relationship & the plague of health problems I was hit with and while I still find solace in solitude, I really enjoy having more time to spend with my best friends. It's also given me a chance to meet some new friends too :) Make fun plans, stick to them no matter how tired or how much you can't be arsed because you're in a funk, they're your best friends for a reason.

Stop Being a Shitebag
I am the ultimate worst at times for being a 'no' man. Well I was. It's the easy option, it keeps you where you feel safe & cosy and there's no risk of ever changing your life because you know what it's all about and like it exactly the way it is... Except you don't, you want to say yes to trying that scary thing. Sometimes you need to just have a word with yourself and think logically what the fuck is the worst that could happen?! If there's a chance of death then yeah, maybe weigh up the other pros and cons a bit more but otherwise, JUST FUCKING DO IT!! Lately I've been cranking my skateboard out a bit more, I've been on the swegways & hoverboars in work and stopped being too feart to try them, started going out for walks myself just peacefully along the river with my music blaring & weekly at nights with my friend, cut my hair to the shortest it's been in years, taken up running (trying to), looking to expand my business, ... just generally saying yes to things has been the best change I've made to myself. If you live your life in fear you're only restricting your own happiness.

Out With The Old
So I've never been the type to do the whole 'Burn your ex's shit on a bonfire', granted my old flatmate and I one time cut up pictures of an ex and scratched 'Cunt' into his face... and I might've ripped up his 70's vintage leather jacket with a kitchen knife but after a litre of Vodka & being cheated on, we've all made mistakes haha. To be fair though it's great to have a rifle through your stuff and get rid, not just of sentimental crap but be realistic on what doesn't fit into your life any more. I've shifted a few things on ebay & depop that just don't fit/no longer mean anything but I was keeping because I liked it and lets be honest, what the hell is the point when I could be using that money to buy some new UNIF swag! Clinging to stuff that no longer fits is a stark reminder that you might not be who you want to be and you are too fabulous for that shit so get it gone girl. Less clutter makes for a healthier mind!

I'm pretty sure I'm wasted doing marketing for a skateshop and should make my money spouting motivational prose from a soap box in town like those Jesus guys but I think you get the point.
& lastly.

Enjoy Being You
I think my Snapchat/Twitter followers know my face better than my own mother does but there comes a time in life you've got to accept your flaws or change them and start to love yourself. Whether you're in public taking a selfie, feeling cute in that picture of you in your new bra or your make up is just working so well for you that day... don't be afraid to share it with your friends, your other half or the world. We seem to care too much about what other people spend their time doing and are quick to pass judgement on what's seen as being vain. On the flip of this I was locked in a constant battle of knowing I was good enough for someone but never hearing it & never being told I was pretty or I looked hot even though I was in a long term relationship which means your self esteem ends up in the bin In no way is it even a scathing attack as it's not my style, people can just fall by the way side & not know how to tell the other. So you're damn right I'm going to take a 'Come see how good I look!' selfie whenever the hell I want & it's nice to actually believe it again. It's not for guys to fawn over, the best comments I get are from girls I know.

Look after yourself & don't let anything doubt your integrity.

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  1. Carrie, I NEEDED THIS POST. I'm in such a funk at the moment and need to start saying yes to things. Well done for getting your butt in gear this year! xx

    1. I've still to get outta the funk of saying no but just saying yes to little things makes it feel like you've achieved so much it definitely puts you in a roll! Thanks so much for taking the time to comment lovely 😘 X

  2. Carrie, I love this post! I regulary look at your Snapchat and check out your insta. All your posts are amazing & I am so glad you are having fun rn! Keep up the blog posts, I loved reading this one. Lots of love xox

    1. I'm so glad you liked it! And ditto, one of my most favourites on snapchat haha! Cheers lovely I'm so glad to be back blogging again I needed this to get it out of the way and start a fresh 🤘🏻❤️ Xx

  3. This is a wonderful post. I love your message of "stop being a shitebag" and think so many people (myself included!) could benefit from listening to your sound advice. x0

  4. Great post!:)
    -Jenna <3
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